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You can always learn new tricks...

I took an online class with Tamara Laporte over the weekend. I had to work on my piece over several days as time is not always on my side but I managed to finish it up this morning. I love that art is ever evolving and there are always new mediums to try and new techniques to learn. Learning from fellow artists is so very satisfying! I love using new techniques as a springboard for new illustrations.

I am completely in love with the colors in this piece and my fluffy crow. We have had lots of grackles taking baths in our bird bath over the last few weeks and they are so adorable when they fluff out their feathers in order to get themselves clean...they remind me of mini crows...this is what inspired my fluffy crow.

I cannot wait to create some new Goddess pieces using these new techniques. My plan is to hopefully release a set of Oracle cards by Winter Solstice. <3

#goddessart #witchyvibe #mixedmediaillustration

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