This box, featuring my illustration “The Vegan Goddess”, was created with all of my animal activist friends in mind. This box is a perfect little kit for yourself or a someone who needs a bit of a hug. Activism can be tough on the body and soul. This box was created just to give a little positivity when times get tough. The box has been white washed and adorned with a strip of copper. It is 4 x 6 x 2 inches. Box includes: • Positivity Bottle full of gorgeous dried flowers, herbs, crystals, pink salt and moss. (keep in a place you spend a lot of time) • A candle to light in remembrance of all of the animals’ souls we have lost. • Smokey quartz to absorb negativity and anxiety when things get tough. • 5 vegan themed affirmation cards featuring my illustrations and signed. All tucked inside this beautiful box with some moss and dried flowers. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend. 💜 Can be gift wrapped upon request.

Animal Activist - Goddess Box