With this magickal offering...you get to play a part in making this box extra special.


Once you place an order for one of these boxes I will email you to find out exactly how you would like your box! 


1/Pick Your Illustration - A- E (If you do not like A-E you can choose from my library of illustrations and make it even more special!


2/ Pick Your Theme - this will determine the extra special goodies that will go inside your box. Here are the themes you can choose from and a couple of the items included:

Tea Lover (loose teas, tea bags, candle, mini positivity jar)

Vegan Love (vegan trading cards, mini journal, mini greeting cards with envelopes)

Faerie (a vial of faerie dust, a mini journal, faerie affirmation cards)

Witchy (this will include a spell bottle, a candle, incense, intention papers)

Mermaid (nautical goodies such as sand, shells, mermaid trading cards)

Friendship (mini greeting cards with envelopes, mini positivity jar, mini journal)

Nature ( a mini journal, vial of flowers, a nature scavenger hunt)


3/ Box Details:

Choose a color: Brown Stain, Black Stain or Coordinating Color

Add-ons: scattered stars, scattered hearts, faerie dust, personalization (you can pick all or none of these options)


4/ Choose Your Crystal:

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz: amplifies energy and intentions, protects against negativity.

Amethyst: spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, inner peace & healing

Citrine: optimism & cheerfulness, prosperity


Wooden boxes are typically 4.25 x 6 x 3 inches but can vary slightly due to availability. (Thanks to Covid many of my suppliers are no longer in business. I can let you know what size your box will be during our initial convo.) 


Since these are custom orders they take a bit longer and will ship about a week after order has been placed. If you need sooner please reach out to me and I will try to accomodate. Gift wrapped upon request.


Design Your Own Box