Need a bit of a boost to your confidence? This little spell kit contains all you need to perform a simple ritual to lift your self esteem.


This box, featuring one of my new Modern Witch Illustrations "Don't Hide Your Magick", is a perfect little spell kit for yourself or a loved one. The box hand been stained a soft black with some white stars scattered about on all four sides.

Box size is 6 x 4 x 2.25 inches.


This kit contains a Confidence Spell, a palo santo stick, a tiger's eye stone, a white candle, a mini positivity spell bottle and little papers to write intentions. All nestled within a keepsake box with a bit of moss and dried flowers.


These simple spells kits are perfect for new witches or well seasoned ones. :)



Can be gift wrapped upon request.

Don't Hide Your Magick - Confidence Spell Kit