Bring about positivity with this herb, flower and crystal terrarium jar. This is a lovely alter piece, beautiful on a bookshelf or at your desk and also makes a great gift. Various herbs and flowers, including but not limited to lavender (to promote relaxation), yellow rose petals (for happiness and joy), baby's breath (represents a pure heart), thyme (to promote courage and also to attract faeries!) and various crystals in a lovely glass jar with cork that has been embellished with a dragonfly wax seal (approximately 4-5 inches tall). Along with this beautiful jar you will also receive five affirmation cards featuring artwork by me. Each card will be signed and dated and contained in a plastic sleeve for protection. 


Everything will be wrapped up securely to travel safely. Jars may become a bit shaken during transit and require you to move things around a bit in order to see everything properly.


These jars are made to order so each one will be unique and one of a kind. Jars will vary slightly in shape, contents and charms.


Message me if you have a special request for your Faerie Healing and Positivity Jar!

If interested in international shipping please contact me.

Thanks for taking a peek!

Faerie Positivity Jar with Affirmation Cards

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