Faerie Wish Box

Faerie Wish Box

This box featuring my illustration “ Friends for Always” was created with faerie lovers in mind. Filled with items to create some wish magick and play amongst the faeries. The box has painted a sunny yellow and antiqued with some red and brown ink and adorned with a strip of copper and some stamped stars. It is 4 x 6 x 2 inches.
Box includes:

•Two glass bottles of bubbles (so you can invite a friend to make wishes too!)

• a twig pencil to write your wishes.

• heart shaped papers to write your wishes on.

• 2 tiny glass vials of quartz crystals to help you focus your intentions (one for you and one for a friend).

• a bottle faerie dust to sprinkle once you complete your wishes.

• a sachet of dried flowers to leave as an offering to the faeries. 

All tucked inside this beautiful box with some moss and dried flowers. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend. 💜 this is suitable for older children if monitored due to small items that can be choking hazards and glass parts.
Can be gift wrapped upon request.