Manifest! Manifest! Manifest!


This little box is a perfect place to keep what you would like to focus on manifesting.Use the tools included to help bring them to fruition. The size also makes it perfect for traveling.



This box features a reproduction of my illustration, "The Frog Princess" that has been stained a warm brown.


Inside this lovely box are little sheets of paper to write what you would like to focus on manifesting, twine to tie the papers into scrolls, a quartz crystal for focus, and some Piñon incense to clear the negative energy from your space. All tucked in a bit of moss and dried flowers.


This box is approximately 3.50x2.5x1.5 inches


Please remember that all of my pieces (aside from my Glicée prints) are hand-made and one of a kind. These are not toys, they are specially designed art objects. You may well see fingerprints in the clay or paint or spots of glue here and there. Small imperfections are signs of a handmade item.


Some of my specialty boxes contain small items that can be a choking hazard. These are not meant for small children.


A perfect little gift for someone or yourself. Can be gift wrapped upon request.


If interested in international shipping please drop me a note.

Frog Princess - Mini Manifestation Box

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