Although I created this box with thoughts of the Spring Equinox in mind, this little box is perfect for anytime you need a reset. Spring is a time rebirth and the earth coming alive again...a perfect time to give yourself some love and embrace your inner goddess!


This box, featuring one of my illustration "Ostara", is a perfect little kit for yourself or a someone who needs a bit of a magickal hug.  The box hand been stained a rich brown and is 4 x 6 x 2 inches.


Box includes:

• Heart shaped papers to write your intentions or beautiful things about yourself. (re-read these often)
• Three hand-stamped note cards with envelopes to write lovely notes to other goddesses in your life. (let’s lift each other up!)

• Positivity Bottle full of gorgeous dried flowers, herbs, crystals, pink salt and moss. (keep in a place you spend a lot of time)

• A candle you can light while you write your intentions or during meditation.
• A tiger’s eye stone to energize you as the days get longer and helps to release fear and anxiety.
• An amethyst to enhance your creativity and passion.
• A lovely wood burned and watercolored butterfly just for decoration on your altar or a special place you love.


These simple kits are perfect for new witches, well seasoned ones or those who just need to add a bit of magick to their lives. :)



Can be gift wrapped upon request.

Inner Goddess - Spring Equinox Box