In most parts of the country nature is taking a long winter’s nap. The leaves have fallen, the ground is hard and cold. Some of us may even get the chance to enjoy a snowfall or two. We humans tend to avoid being outdoors in the cold of winter with our own form of hibernation. With this little box I hope to encourage you to get outside a bit more, explore nature in it’s slumber and pay attention to this beautiful world around us. Becoming closer to nature will hopefully help you to gain focus and help you to manifest wonderful things in the year to come. Along with this wooden box, which you can keep the little treasures you find on your walks, I have included a mini journal for you to take notes or make little sketches, a little scavengher hunt sheet to encourage you to pay close attention to the little things, a drawstring pouch to safetly tuck your treasures in while on your walks, a necklace with a crystal cage holding a tiny amethyst, which will encourage calmness and peace, and a little handpainted mushroom to display indoors to always remind you to get outside often.


My goal is that a few winter walks will inspire longer walks and hikes in nature as the year progesses. Nature walks are not only a learning experience and great exercise, they also do wonders for your mental health. I find outdoor walks to be a wonderful way to gather my thoughts, relieve stress and get inspired. Also, that fresh air can do wonders! So, on that note grab a coat, put on a hat, some mittens and some warm socks and take a magickal winter walk.


A beautiful (4x 6 x 2 inch) warm brown stained box featuring my illustration “Become One with Nature”.


Can be gift wrapped upon request.

Magickal Winter Walk Box