This lovely birchwood box features my “Ostara” illustration. It has been stained in an earthy brown and has the moon phases stenciled on the front. This box is 7.25" x 7.25" x 2.5", a wonderful size for keeping all your moon ritual supplies or other treasures. This box includes: • Dark Faerie Moon Phase Altar Cards • A glass tube of sea salt - to create your magickal circle. • Palo Santo (with the words “stay wild moon child” burnt into the wood) - to cleanse your space• 4 soy wax candles • Tiger’s Eye stone - for grounding and protective energy• Quartz crystal - for clarity• Small glass container for moon water• A sachet of various dried flowers to spread beauty within your circle• Round antiqued papers - for writing your intentions.  Signed on bottom and stamped with Dark Faerie Creations.

Moon Child - Moon Ritual Box