This kit is part of my Goddess Series that features Morrigan. This simple ritual is perfect for new witches or seasoned ones! Kit includes: (sustainably sourced) Palo Santo with the words strength and clarity burned on it, a white soy candle, smokey quartz (to realease you anxiety and fear), a small triskele burnt on birch for your altar (a symbol associated with Morrigan and possibly one of the oldest symbols of spirituality), a bay leaf to tuck under you pillow for prophetic dreams, and your instructions printed on gray paper that has been antiqued and enhanced with a bit of sparkle - perfect to add to your grimoire.


All tucked inside a beautiful box that has been stained a light gray and features my illustration of Morrigan. Box is approximately 3.5 x 5 x 2 inches. Stamped and signed by me,


Can be gift wrapped up request.

Morrigan Strength & Clarity - Spell Kit