This Samhain Box, featuring my illustration - The Witches of 2020, contains everything you need for a bit of candle magick on Halloween. This is perfect for beginners or seasoned Witches! This box is intended for Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”) - the end of the Harvest season and the beginning of the "darker" half of the year. This candle magick spell will help you focus your intentions for the coming winter months.


Contains small star shaped papers for writing your intentions, an orange candle, an amethyst cluster, putka pods (mini pumpkins), a small canvas bag stamped with a pentagram, candle magick spell printed on beautiful tan paper and given an aged looked and adorned with cut out stars (prefect to add to your grimoire!)...all within a beautiful keepsake box stained black and sanded to give an antiqued look. Box size is 3.75x 5.75x 2.25inches


A perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Grab two and create this beautiful ritual together!


Can be gift wrapped upon request.

Samhain Candle Magick Spell Kit

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