Sea Witch Box

Sea Witch Box


Traditionally, sea witches were witches who appeared among sailors or others involved in the seafaring trade. A sea witch may be presented as a magical creature such as a mermaid or selkie, or as an ordinary human who uses magic to influence the sea. Their powers ranged from control over the winds and weather or the ability to influence the catches of fisherman, to complete power over the sea, the tides, and the moon. Sea witches were said to control the wind and weather. A common feature of many tales was a rope tied into three knots, which witches often sold to sailors to aid them on a voyage. Pulling the first knot could yield a gentle, southeasterly wind, while pulling two could generate a strong northerly wind, but the third knot would unleash a hurricane.


This box features one of my latest illustrations, Cordelia. A mermaid, Sea Witch or Goddess of the Sea...whatever she is to you she is enchanting. The box has been painted a beautiful torquoise and sanded a bit for a distressed look. The top of the box has been embellished on two corners with modeling paste, sand, tumbled quartz and faerie dust to give it a bit of texture and a look of a magical sandy beach. Box is cigar style box and is approximately 8 x 8.25 x 1.75 inches.


This enchanting box of oceanic delights is perfect for mermaid lovers, sea witches or those who are called by the sea. Inside this box are some tools help you release your inner sea witch and embrace the magick of the ocean:


• A small handmade journal to write your intentions or adventures.
• A Sea Witch Spell Bottle (full of pink salt, elder, mugwart, thyme, blue agate chips,

turqoise chips, crushed rose petals, and clear quartz points. Use this to attract mermaids, decorate your altar or use in spell work.)
• A clear quartz crystal to amplify your intentions and bring about positivity and clarity.
• Shell (found in nature) to offer to the sea, river or lake or decorate your altar.
• River rock (found in nature) to offer to the sea, river or lake or decorate your altar.
• An empty jar to bless sea, lake, spring or river water under the full moon for future rituals.

• A glass vial of sand and sea glass - decorate your altar or add to your full moon water.
• Driftwood from the ocean - use to decorate or use in spellwork.
• A length of sea rope for knotting your intentions.

• A tiny bottle of faerie dust for a little extra magick!


This box does contain small items and is not intended for small children unless under adult supervision.


Can be giftwrapped upon request.

Contact if interested in International Shipping.



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