Welcome to the Sorcery Box! A monthly subscription box inspired by and created for modern witches! Each month I will create something for my subscribers that that won't immediately be available to other shoppers. Something beautiful to raise your spirits and bring magick into your home each month. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you feel you need to take a break or if it no longer fits your budget. 🌙🧡✨


This Sorcery Box (December) will ship the end of November. Quantity is limited so don't miss out! (Anyone signing up after the 21st of the month will receive their first box the following month).


Each of these boxes will contain:

• 5x7 signed print of a brand new modern witch illustration

 (each month you will have first look at a never seen before illustration depicting a modern witch that has been themed to each month)

• a coordinating 18x18 inch altar cloth (each cloth will be high quality, seasonally chosen fabric and lined with a matching fabric to make it double sided)

• a mini seasonal spell kit (perfect for new or seasoned witches)

• a crystal

• handmade adorment that will vary from month to month

• other magickal surprises


Boxes in pictures are boxes from previous months. 


January Sorcery Box - Modern Witch Subscription Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Sorcery Box
$35.00monthly/ auto-renew