This 6x6 inch print (mounted on black archival paper) would be beautiful framed or adorning your altar. I created this Wheel of the Year with some of my opwn special touches to give it a Dark Faerie flair. Along with the basic info of the year, I have also adorned the art with some gorgeous moon phase art along with a Faerie Star in the center.


The Faerie (or Elven) Star, also referenced as a Heptogram or Septagram, is a unique pattern of 7 points drawn in a single line. It is known as a gateway symbol, a gate or entrance between our world and that of the Faerie Realm. The unbroken form gives the star its identity as a symbol of Eternity and has a long history.


It is said to represent a gift from Faerie to humans to bridge the understanding between the mortal human realm and that of Faerieland. It is a sacred symbol with a magical power in various pagan traditions and is considered to be a portal to the realm of Faeries and Elves. 

Those who have an affinity with the Faery Folk will likely feel drawn to it and may use it communicate with them.  


The seven points are said to correspond to the following connected principles..

  • The Sun (Fire)
  • The Woods (Earth)
  • The Sea (Water)
  • The Wind (Air)
  • The Moon (Divine Feminine)
  • Magick (The magical realm that is the faerie realm itself)
  • Connectedness (Spirit-The interconnected of all things)

Wheel of the Year Print