Time to manifest your wishes!


This beautiful bottle has been created with love and a touch of magick. Inside the bottle you will find beautiful green moss, tiny gold stars and copper faerie dust. The top of the bottle has been wrapped in orange cord (to represent good fortune) and a bit of copper (positive energy). The top of the cork has been stamped in green wax with a dragonfly - and you should always make a wish when you see a dragonfly!


Along with your Wish Bottle, your kit includes: instructions for use, little antiqued papers, olive colored twine, a beautiful piece of citrine and a cotton drawstring bag (stamped with Dark Faerie) to store them.


Ideas for using your Wish Bottle:

• Create a relaxing environment - ideas: light candles, soft music, incense.

• Write your wishes on the small pieces of paper included.
• Roll them up tightly and secure with some of the twine.
• Drop them carefully into your wish bottle.

• Keep the citrine with you to remind you of all of the wonderful wishes you are manifesting.


Repeat this little ritual when have the desire to write down a new wish - not all wishes have to be made at once but can be added to your bottle over time.


Bottle is glass with a cork topper and is approximately:

 3.25" W x 4.5" H x 3.5" D


Wrapped with care, little special touches and a dash of magick. Ready for gift giving to yourself or someone special.

Wish Bottle