Although I embrace my Witchiness all year long...Autumn seems to be a special time of year when the air is full of extra magick. Perhaps its the promise of a cooler weather, the scent of bonfires in the air and the glorious colors of the trees as they enter into  the next stage before their winter slumber. This little box invokes those feelings. Whether you are a full time witch, someone wanting to learn a bit more of the Craft or perhaps just creating your own magickal path, this is a great little box. Perfect for youself or as a sweet autumn gift for a friend.


This box features a reproduction of my illustration, "Autumn - 2021 Witch" . Stained in a warm, earthy brown and features the word "Witch" on the front of the box within a metal frame.


Inside this lovely box are little star shaped sheets of paper to write your wishes or intentions,  a quartz crystal to amplify those intentions, a little bottle of faerie dust to send those wishes out into the universe, a small witch terrarium to bring about positive thoughts and good magick, and a candle as every little ritual is better with some candle magick. Packed with a bit of moss, dried flowers and some putka pods that symbolize nurturing, comfort, gathering and friendship.🎃


This box is approximately 3.50x3.50x2 inches


Please remember that all of my pieces (aside from my Glicée prints) are hand-made and one of a kind. These are not toys, they are specially designed art objects. You may well see fingerprints in the clay or paint or spots of glue here and there. Small imperfections are signs of a handmade item.


Some of my specialty boxes contain small items that can be a choking hazard. These are not meant for small children.


A perfect little gift for someone or yourself. Can be gift wrapped upon request.


If interested in international shipping please drop me a note.

Witchy Magick Box